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EM is a critically acclaimed singer-songwriter and classical pianist from London, UK. She began training as a pianist at the age of four, performed internationally, and received two degrees in classical piano as a child.

An incredibly theatrical performer, EM trained at drama school and holds an acting degree from American Academy of Dramatic Arts, New York.

Soon after her move to Los Angeles, she met GRAMMY-nominated producer Bruce Witkin (Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson), and together, they released her solo debut EP, “What I Want To Say To You”, an album born of her personal experience of sexual assault and dedicated to survivors.

Now, EM is releasing a new 12-track concept album, “REBORN”, with her band Em & The Gems. The Gems include bass legend Melvin Brannon Jr. Forté (Booker T. Jones) and drummer Tyler Hammond (Limp Bizkit, Fred Durst).

“REBORN”, feels like a carnival for the senses – now an intimate moment tucked away in an elegant red-light lounge, next an eruption of vitality and sound that energizes and lifts the spirit.  Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, “REBORN” is EM’s journey through hell, hope and renewal after surviving a brutal rape. The album explores themes of regained strength, sexuality, power and how music ultimately saved her. As a live show, “REBORN” is a full-blown performance, with dancers and breathtaking piano solos. EM’s unique musical style features elements of jazz, classical, rock and pop. Combined with her extraordinary stage presence, she creates a moving and unforgettable experience that touches the soul.    


A truly unique performer and creative - with a mission to make a difference, while having a blast in the process - EM can perform in a variety of styles, and a variety of venues. Whether singing and playing alone in intimate settings surrounded by guests at her feet, performing with Em & The Gems in the infamous Viper Room or playing solo classical piano at Petit Ermitage, EM is a true force of nature, who will cause tears and laughter in one performance.

EM has been musically compared to Lady Gaga, has an exclusive residency at Petit Ermitage in West Hollywood and was recently invited to open for members of Earth, Wind & Fire at the world-famous Viper Room in West Hollywood.