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EM is a flamboyant, unique, highly skilled classical concert pianist from London. Trained from the age of 4, EM received her first degree in classical piano at the age of 11, and her second aged 15. 


A true artist, now a songwriter, singer and wild performer, EM brings something to classical music that is rarely seen. Not only is she a young, beautiful woman, dressed in intriguing outfits and 6 inch heels, she has such passion and feeling that many who have watched her claim “the piano is literally an extension of her body”. 


EM is on a mission to bring back the artform that is classical piano to a city that is missing out. Classical music is so rarely appreciated live any more, and watching EM perform Beethoven, Chopin, Brahms, Rachmaninoff and many others is truly a wonder to the senses.


A weekly performer at exclusive members’ hotel, Petit Ermitage, EM is looking for more venues to share the wild and wonderful art that is classical music. 


EM has performed globally, including with world-renowned pianist Lang Lang at The Royal Festival Hall in London, and in the Fazioli concert hall in Italy. 


"Watching Em Hoggett perform her craft is akin to watching Picasso create his finest works. There is a deep rooted fire that burns within her that seems to only find its oxygen whenever her fingers come into contact with the smooth surface of a piano key. Rarely does one have the opportunity to see an instrument played with such passion, drive, and classical perfection." - Justin Thomson, Petit Ermitage Member




+1 347 885 4238