Music For Peace

"I needed a serious mental break and what I got was an hour long honeymoon for my brain and soul."

"I left my session feeling like I had just spent the day at the spa. Got some demons out. Was finally able to feel and release the emotions I’ve been keeping locked inside."

What Is Music For Peace?

Hello! My name is Em - thank you for visiting this page. I want to tell you a little bit about Music For Peace. Music For Peace is a homegrown, unique service designed to fulfil the needs of the individual. Life can be incredibly daunting sometimes. Whether it is just a stressful week, a difficult situation, or a serious trauma that has gone untouched, we all deserve peace and healing.

Some say this therapy is something you just have to experience, but I will do my best to explain some basics. Music For Peace is designed to heal, to help you to express unreleased emotions, to encourage relaxation, to allow you a breath in the midst of a busy, stress-filled life.

Each session is totally unique and specific to you. What do they all have in common? The piano. After a brief conversation, I will lead you through a meditation and then begin to improvise on the piano. The music will be specifically based on the energy in the room, what I feel you need, or what you have told me you need. The music I will play for you has never been played before, and will never be played again. It is yours. It is for you.


For example, if you just need an hour to RELAX (!) and take some time out, I will provide that for you. Or if alternatively, you need to release something, I will guide you in that direction. The session is intuitively based.


I have been a pianist since the age of 4 and have always found music incredibly healing. Music has a wonderful power to elicit feeling in us, to encourage emotion, to provide comfort. In a time of sadness, you may be able to restrain your tears in day to day life, yet when a sad song comes on you can't help them from falling.

Keeping emotions repressed is very dangerous. I have experienced this is my own life and have learnt that expressing emotion and feeling, in whatever way, whether that be writing, speaking, shouting, moving, crying, anything... is incredibly important to mental health. Without this, these emotions will remain trapped inside and affect you in ways you are not even aware of. 

But don't worry! There are absolutely no rules here, and no expectations. There is no need to have an emotionally challenging session if you just want to relax. You may cry, you may scream, you may run, you may jump, you may fall asleep, you may do whatever you like! Even if you just want someone to play peaceful piano for you while you write - there are no limitations here!

As a survivor of rape, among other traumas, I have experienced deep pain. I have also experienced the feeling of having nowhere to turn or not knowing what to do. I have created Music For Peace with the intention of helping others to find a safe space, to be able to express, to be able to be free, and to not be judged for whatever may come out. 

Thank you so much again for visiting and I hope to meet with you soon.

Em x


The experience Em gave me was bespoke and completely one of a kind. I told her I needed a serious mental break and what I got was an hour long honeymoon for my brain and soul. I would use this for therapeutic reasons, I would use this for a writing session, I’d use it as a movement and expression session, I’d use it to cry, to rehabilitate, to recenter, to charge, to create and I’d get to do it all in a fully supported and safe space completely constructed by Em and her magic. Everyone and I mean everyone needs to experience what Em is doing. It’s absolutely incredible and so generous of her. I’d do this once a week if I could.


- Katie R



Phone: (347) 885 4239

UK Phone: 07496 260 242

I heard about Em’s music therapy work through a mutual friend and I’m glad I got a session.  Right from the start, the Maestro @  her keyboard and the space used were calming and welcoming in a way I liked, and a good change from traditional  healing work.  I recommend experiencing Em’s work and believe it will evolve for both her and those in need.

- Shaun R

People who love me have been suggesting I go to therapy to begin processing the trauma that has disrupted my life. I don’t know why but the idea of traditional therapy makes me feel unreasonably angry. So, I’ve been resistant to the idea.

But the other day a friend told me she wanted to gift me a session with someone who does improvisational piano therapy. Basically, she improvises on the piano and you have a jam sesh and vibe off of one another with movement and sounds. I felt attracted to this nontraditional therapy, and I had my session yesterday.

It was cathartic. I cried a lot. I screamed. Made sounds of broken earth and water. I danced. Undulated my spine. I meditated. Felt my roots in the ground and the untouched part of me that lives in the core of the earth. All to the soundscape of an original piano composition that has never been played before and will never be played again.

It was cleansing. I left my session feeling like I had just spent the day at the spa. Got some demons out. Was finally able to feel and release the emotions I’ve been keeping locked inside.

I learned a lot. I’m working through my trauma and it’s painful and overwhelming and I need your love and support to help me through it, but I also want you to know that I will be okay.

Being physically violated by someone I trusted and cared for has changed me, but it does not define me. I will recover from this, and I will be stronger because of it. 🎹🦌🌱
If you think you might need this therapy, find @emthemaster ♥️

- Megan Rippey

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